FFF December 24, 2022: A Baby and the Baby Jesus: With Both Sets of Parents!

FFF September 25, 2022: Marital Quality Impact on Happiness, Health and Illness

FFF August 27, 2022: Across Cultures, Father-Child Interactions Build Health and Well-Being

FFF August 6, 2022: Family Connections (“Belongingness”) Have Profound Effects on Children

FFF July 30, 2022: The Effect of Parenting Styles on Children

FFF July 16, 2022: Parental Warmth: Short- and Long-Term Impact on Children

FFF June 24, 2022: Romance Affects the Brain

FFF June 18, 2022: Father’s Two Greatest Lessons

FFF June 5, 2022: Abortion: Violence Against the Unborn

FFF June 2, 2022: Parents Play a Significant Role in Their Children’s Capacity to Regulate their Emotions

FFF April 22, 2022: Divorce and its Consequences


FFF December 11, 2021: A Father’s Level and Quality of Involvement Significantly Changes His Children

FFF November 23, 2021: Family Resilience – The Glue that Holds the Family Together

FFF November 11, 2021: Fathers Matter to Children

FFF October 16, 2021: Marital Status Impacts Children’s Outcomes

FFF October 9, 2021: Out-of-Wedlock Births and Health

FFF September 25, 2021: Parenting Styles Make a Big Difference in Their Children’s Lives

FFF September 18, 2021: Religion Changes our Brains, Our Telomeres, and How we Die

FFF September 11, 2021: The Pornified Brain

FFF September 7, 2021: Pornography Effects on Family are Modified by Worship

FFF August 28, 2021: Pornography Correlates with COVID, the US Navy, and fMRI use

FFF August 20, 2021: Love on the Brain and in the Brain

FFF July 31, 2021: From the Beginning We are Made to Belong

FFF July 24, 2021: Human Touch Shapes our Brains

FFF May 29, 2021: To Live Well, Friendships are Very Important

FFF April 3, 2021: Insights about Attachment Style

FFF March 28, 2021: Gratitude: The Key to Long Lasting Relationships

FFF March 21, 2021: Prayer Enhances the Quality of Romantic and Married Relationships

FFF March 13, 2021: Gray Divorce and its Consequences

FFF March 7, 2021: Religion is Good for Adolescents’ Health

FFF February 27, 2021: Sense of Belonging Matters to Health

FFF February 20, 2021: Religion and Health

FFF February 12, 2021: Religion and Mental Health

FFF January 25, 2021: A Father’s Touch and Interaction Benefits both Parent and Child

FFF January 17, 2021: Involved Fathers Make for Secure and Healthy Children

FFF January 10, 2021: Men and Women Differ from One Another

FFF January 2, 2021: Sex Differences Manifest at a Very Young Age


FFF December 26, 2020: Sex Differences in Brain Structure, Function, and Preferences

FFF December 21, 2020: Sex Differences in Behavior and Relationships

FFF December 13, 2020: Fatherhood Changes Male Physiology

FFF December 7, 2020: Sex Differences in Spousal Selection

FFF November 19, 2020: A Father’s Presence Makes a Difference in His Child’s Development

FFF October 25, 2020: Material Success with Relational Failure on a Global Scale

FFF October 8, 2020: Fathers Matter in the Health of their Children

FFF August 21, 2020: What to do about a Dying Culture

FFF August 2, 2020: Marriage and Religion: The Robust Seeds of a New Civilization 

FFF July 27, 2020: The Tension between Pornography Viewing and the Worship of God

FFF July 11, 2020: Marriage and Religion Effects

FFF June 21, 2020: Marriage does a lot of Good

FFF June 10, 2020: Marriage in the US: Impact on Black “Privilege 

FFF May 29, 2020: Findings on Adolescent Sexual Behavior

FFF May 20, 2020: Belonging

FFF April 28, 2020: Neurobiological Truths about Marital and Religious Relationships

FFF April 5, 2020: Trauma, Attachment, and Human Flourishing

FFF March 22, 2020: Duking out the Future of our Children in the Data 

FFF March 15, 2020: Some of the Many Aspects of Contraception Effects

FFF March 8, 2020: Modern Family Choices

FFF March 1, 2020: When Religion Embarrasses “Modern Science”

FFF February 16, 2020: The Long-Term View

FFF February 4, 2020: Family Matters for Health

FFF January 25, 2020: Family Meals and Adolescent Well-Being

FFF January 4, 2020: The Family Dinner is Critical to a Happy Youth


FFF December 17, 2019: The Dark Side of Technology

FFF December 8, 2019: Sexting among Adolescents

FFF November 2, 2019: Some Recent Findings on Sexual Behavior Among Adolescents

FFF October 19, 2019: Sex Differences in Addiction

FFF October 12, 2019: Sex Differences Originate in Brain

FFF September 28, 2019 The Father Son Project

FFF September 21, 2019 Sex Differences in Correlates between Attachment, Brain Size, Wiring, and Jealousies

FFF September 15, 2019 Sex Differences in Attachment Style

FFF September 8, 2019 Resilience and Difference between The Sexes

FFF August 31, 2019 Hillbilly Elegy: The Power of an Attachment Beyond Mother’s or Father’s

FFF August 25, 2019 Attachment Style and Health Behaviors

FFF August 18, 2019 Attachment Style and Mental Health

FFF August 10, 2019 Attachment Style, Suicide, and Self-Harm

FFF August 3, 2019 The Body Language of Belonging

FFF July 29, 2019 Cohabitation – Trends and Consequences

FFF July 22, 2019 Premarital Background and Behavior Greatly Impacts Marital Quality

FFF July 14, 2019 Marital Quality: The Quality of Marriage is Manifest in the Body

FFF July 7, 2019 Marital Quality: Happiness is More than just Saying I Do

FFF June 29, 2019 Family Connectedness: The Basis for Flourishing

FFF June 22, 2019 Family Connectedness: The Foundation for Positive Outcomes

FFF June 15, 2019 Time with Dad Makes Children Glad

FFF June 8, 2019 Family Meals Boost Adolescent Mental Health

FFF June 1, 2019 Family Mealtime: A Time of Sowing Seeds in Your Child’s Life

FFF May 25, 2019 Time Spent with Family is Time Well Spent

FFF May 18, 2019 Religious Parents, Thriving Children

FFF May 11, 2019 Faith of Our Fathers: The Key to Child Religiosity

FFF May 4th, 2019, Involved Fathers, Thriving Children

FFF: April 27th, 2019 Healthy Marriages, Flourishing Lives

FFF: April 18th, 2019 Cohabitation: Conditional Love, Heartbreaking Consequences. Complete Father-Son Relationship Series.

FFF: April 10th, 2019 Got Religion? It’s Good for You! Blog: Phase 6 of Father-Child Relationship.

FFF: April 2nd, 2019 Young Women’s Disproportionately Poor Mental Health and Phase 5 of Father-Child Relationship.

FFF: March 26th, 2019 Impact of Family on Young Americans’ Mental Health, Phase 4 of Father-Child Relationship (Early Adolescence).

FFF: March 19th, 2019 Marital Status and the Lives of Fathers and Their Children, Phase 3 of Father-Child Relationship (Early Adolescence).

FFF: March 13th, 2019 The Distinct but Complementary Roles of Parents on Children’s Sex Education, and Phase 2 of the Father-Child Relationship (years three to nine/ten).

FFF: March 4th, 2019 Analysis of Comprehensive Sex-Ed, Phases of a Boy’s Development, Father’s Prime Role, and Importance of Marriage

FFF: February 22nd, 2019 Implications of Contraception on Emotional Regulation and Relationship Outcomes

FFF: February 15th, 2019 Dynamics of Sexual Satisfaction

FFF: February 8th, 2019 The Complementary Influence of Mothers and Fathers on Daughter’s Sexuality, American Family Survey

FFF: February 1st, 2019 Does Womanhood Still Matter in America?

FFF: January 24th, 2019 Does Contraception Help Disadvantaged Women? Thoughts about the Keystone of the Family. 

FFF: January 18th, 2019 Masculinity in America, Response to New APA Guidelines

FFF: January 11th, 2019 Our Top Findings about Family and Religion in 2018


FFF: December 21st and 28th, 2018 The Exacerbating of Pornography and Thoughts on Fatherhood 

FFF: December 7th, 2018 Effects of Parental Absence on Children’s Sexuality

FFF: November 30th, 2018 Impact of Marital Trends on Personal Fulfillment and Finances, and Thoughts on Fatherhood.

FFF: November 23rd, 2018 Social Support Helps Man Thrive

FFF: November 9th, 2018 Prayer and Relationship Quality

FFF: November 2nd, 2018 Effects of Father Absence

FFF: October 26th, 2018 Persisting Effects of Cohabitation

FFF: October 19th, 2018 Parental Quality and Child Outcomes

FFF: October 12th, 2018 Divorce in Late-Adulthood

FFF: October 5th, 2018 Tracking Wellbeing in America

FFF: September 28th, 2018 Family Structure and Sense of Belonging 

FFF: September 21st, 2018 Parental Divorce, Religious Practice, and Offspring Outcomes

FFF: September 14th, 2018 Family Disruption & Child Wellbeing

FFF: September 7th, 2018 New PEW Report, Religion & Mental Health

FFF: August 31, 2018 Religiosity and Family Functioning among African Am.

FFF: August 24, 2018 The Influence of Religion on Family Relationships

FFF: August 17, 2018 Economic and Relational Benefits of Early Marriage

FFF: August 10, 2018 Religion, Race & Economic Outcomes

FFF: August 3, 2018 Family Structure & Educational/Economic Outcomes

FFF: July 27, 2018 Indicators of Happiness

FFF: July 13, 2018 National & International Fertility Trends

FFF: June 29, 2018 Marital Status & Income Gap

FFF: June 22, 2018 Suicide Trends in the Nation

FFF June 15, 2018 Impact of Family Composition & Family Instability on Child Well-Being

FFF June 8, 2018 Global Parents Day Edition

FFF June 1, 2018 A Return to the Patriarchy

FFF April 3, 2018 Impacts of Religious Practice

FFF March 20, 2018 Income Inequality

FFF March 8, 2018 Pornography’s Negative Effects

FFF February 21, 2018 The Importance of Solidarity

FFF February 12, 2018 the Effects of Smartphones on Children

FFF January 31, 2018 The Future of Gentlemen

FFF January 22, 2018 Big Family Changes around Europe

FFF January 12, 2018 A Good Start to a New Year


FFF December 1, 2017  Abortion Rates

FFF November 17, 2017 Marijuana and Alcohol Effects on Development

FFF November 10, 2017 Tension in Wives Leads to Divorce

FFF November 3, 2017 Religious People are More Charitable

FFF October 27, 2017 Sibling Divorce

FFF October 20, 2017 Is God Necessary to be Moral?

FFF October 13, 2017 Cohabitating Women are Less Interested in Sexual Intercourse

FFF October 6, 2017 Marriage Rates and Education

FFF September 29, 2017 STD’s Hit Record High

FFF September 22, 2017 Division of Labor and Psychological Wellbeing

FFF September 15, 2017 Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance in the U.S.

FFF September 8, 2017 Marriage Trains Newlyweds

FFF September 1, 2017 Marriage Protects Heart Disease Patients

FFF August 25, 2017 Serial Infidelity

FFF August 18, 2017 Changes in Divorce Ideation

FFF August 11, 2017 Decrease in Sperm Count Causes Concerns

FFF August 4, 2017 Couple’s Relationship Affects Parent-Child Relationship

FFF July 21, 2017 Marriage and Health

FFF July 14, 2017 Contraception, Fertility, and Fatherhood Work

FFF July 7, 2017 Tolerance, Age Gaps, and Sex Ed

FFF June 23, 2017 Abortion, Poverty, and Values

FFF June 16, 2017 Success and Sexual Behavior

FFF June 9, 2017 Divorce, Technology, and a Crisis

FFF June 2, 2017 Grandfamilies, Race, and Nonmarital Sex

FFF May 26, 2017 Children Suffer when Marriages Suffer

FFF May 19, 2017 Marriage and Mental Health

FFF May 12, 2017 Fertility, Housework, and Communism

FFF May 5, 2017 Parental Health Impacts Children

FFF April 28, 2017 Education, Economics, and Stability

FFF April 21, 2017 Teens and Taxes

FFF April 14, 2017 The Breakdown of Relationships and Religion

FFF April 7, 2017 Gender and Religion: A Changing Landscape

FFF March 31, 2017 The Prosperity of Families

FFF March 24, 2017  Relationships and Health

FFF March 17, 2017 More Porn and Less Sex

FFF March 10, 2017 Relationship Status and Wellbeing

FFF March 3, 2017 Latino Fathers, Wedlock Births, and Same Sex Couples

FFF February 24, 2017 The Decomposition of the American Family

FFF February 10, 2017 Benefiting from Marriage

FFF February 3, 2017 The Most Important Chart in all of Social Science

FFF January 27, 2017 The Bloodiest Century

FFF January 20, 2017 Different Sexual Signals of Different Cultures

FFF January 13, 2017 Freedom of Community

FFF January 6, 2017 Religious Composition of Congress and America


FFF December 16, 2016 Effects of Marriage on Child Poverty

FFF December 9, 2016 Effects of Single Parenting on Poverty

FFF December 2, 2016 The Three Love Diet

FFF November 16, 2016  The Infrastructure that Trump Can’t do Anything About

FFF November 11, 2016 Religious Vote in the Presidential Election

FFF November 4, 2016 Effects of Family Structure on Poverty

FFF October 28, 2016 Diverging Views on the Family

FFF October 21, 2016 Parental Absence and Habits

FFF October 14, 2016 Religion and Cancer Screenings

FFF October 7, 2016 Hormonal Contraceptives and Depression

FFF September 30, 2016 The Parent-Child Bond and Children’s Health

FFF September 24, 2016 The Economic Value of Religion

FFF September 16, 2016 Poverty and the Religious “Nones”

FFF September 9, 2016 Monogamy and Chastity

FFF September 2, 2016 The Plasticity of Sexuality

FFF August 26, 2016 Church Attendance in America

FFF August 19, 2016 Fatherhood, Violence, and Marriage Education Programs

FFF August 12, 2016 Fertility Rates and Their Effect on Society

FFF August 5, 2016 Marriage Effects on Delinquency

FFF July 29, 2016 The Impacts of Welfare

FFF July 22, 2016 Income Inequality and Family Formation

FFF July 15, 2016 Various Indexes and their Impact on the Family

FFF July 8, 2016 Same Sex Marriage, Condom Usage, and Effects of Religious Practice on Suicide Rates

FFF July 1, 2016 Resident versus non Resident Fathers

FFF June 24, 2016 The Family and Childhood Effects

FFF June 10, 2016 Relationships and Health

FFF June 3, 2016 The Benefits of Marriage on Health

FFF May 27, 2016 Social Mobility of Intact Households

FFF May 20, 2016 Intact Married Families that Worship: Key Ingredients to Success

FFF May 13, 2016 The Rise of Wedlock

FFF May 6, 2016 The Power of the Mother

FFF April 29, 2016 The Husband-Wife Relationship

FFF April 22, 2016 Long Term Economic Growth and the Family

FFF April 15, 2016 Encouraging Positive Practices

FFF April 8, 2016 Single Parents and Financial Stability

FFF April 1, 2016 Digital Communication’s Impacts on Relationships

FFF March 25, 2016 Freedom of Religion’s Importance

FFF March 18, 2016 Changing Fertility Patterns

FFF March 11, 2016 Strong Marriages and Society

FFF March 4, 2016 Changing Fertility Rates

FFF February 26, 2016 Children from Non-Intact Families Suffer More in Health

FFF February 19, 2016 Religion Improves Relationships

FFF February 12, 2016 National Marriage Week

FFF February 5, 2016 Impacts of Marriage on Health Care

FFF January 29, 2016 Casual Sex and Porn: Two Great Threats

FFF January 22, 2016 43 Years since Roe v Wade

FFF January 15, 2016 Ways We Can Improve Marriage

FFF January 8, 2016 The Two Great Loves


FFF December 18, 2015 Marriage Reaffirmed: The Dangers of Cohabitation

FFF December 12, 2015 Dating Apps and Disease

FFF December 4, 2015 Marriage and Labor Participation

FFF November 20, 2015 Marripedia 

FFF November 6, 2015 Fertility and Religious Practice

FFF October 30, 2015 Politics and Religion

FFF October 23, 2015 God Likes Romance

FFF October 16, 2015 Obergefell and Nonprofits 

FFF October 2, 2015 The Pope, America, and the Family

FFF September 18, 2015 Religious Growth Projections

FFF September 11, 2015 Religious Persecution

FFF September 4, 2015 Parenthood and Happiness

FFF August 21, 2015 Freedom of Religion

FFF August 14, 2015 Military Suicide and Religious Practice

FFF August 7, 2015 The Effects of Divorce on Society

FFF July31, 2015 Mapping America

FFF July 17, 2015 Adolescent Sex and Fathers’ Response

FFF July 10, 2015 Is Christianity in Trouble?

FFF July 2, 2015 Teen Pregnancy and Family Response

FFF June 26, 2015 144 Years of Marriage in One Chart

FFF June 19, 2015 Television and the Family

FFF June 12, 2015 Mental Health and Chastity

FFF June 5, 2015 The Five Basic Institutions of Society

FFF May 29, 2015 Sex Robots, and the Future of the Family

FFF May 22, 2015 A Message to the United Nations

FFF May 15, 2015  A Deeper Look at Baltimore

FFF July 24, 2015 Teen Sex in the U.S.

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