Truth, in love.

Obed Bazikian, Intern

The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) recent video stated that “[e]ighty percent of young evangelicals have engaged in premarital sex” and “almost a third of evangelicals’ unplanned pregnancies end in abortion.” This is a staggering statistic, and one which raises some serious questions. Adelle Banks from the Huffington Post sought to address with her recent article. Most central of all, what should the evangelical response be to this erosion of chastity and rise in abortion? 
Evangelical Leaders have stated that “abstinence campaigns and anti-abortion crusades” are not having the same effect anymore. Furthermore, Banks claims the Christian youth are frustrated by the way the church has handled the issue of sex. One can hear that premarital sex is wrong, but that is not satisfying in a culture that is constantly conveying it is good to have sex before marriage. One Christian young mother stated, “The Bible says not to do it, but I think, for most people, they need more than that.…We want to know why. And most of the time folks aren’t prepared to answer the question why.”
One answer can be found in the social and medical sciences. The Marriage and Religion Research Institute’s 162 Reasons to Marry contains numerous studies that show those who wait to have sex within marriage are the most fulfilled sexually, emotionally, physically, and even materially than other marital statuses. However, while this truth must be presented, it must also be done in love. In the Gospel of John, Chapter 8, a woman who was caught in adultery is about to be stoned by her accusers, a punishment fully merited under the current Law. When confronted as to whether this punishment should be carried out, Jesus stated, “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her” (NASB). While He had every right to, Jesus did not condemn this woman. Similarly, we might be “right” in our statements to others, but be wrong in our message. However, the truth, when presented in love, will make the difference we truly seek.

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  1. Unknown

    This is SCARY because GOD is HOLY.. I believe also that one of the reasons 'gay' marriage is taking root, is just this thing. GOD IS ALLOWING IT with the HORRIBLE ECONOMY. 18-25 yos need to work, especially GUYS. Girls need it too but its more important with THEM. I also believe that GOD allowed Pres Obama to come in at just this time: he is 'from' Hawaii which is the 50th state, 50 years AFTER we became 50 states. GOD is in control and wants us to repent. This year 2012 is 49 years after prayer was taken out of school. Next year 2013 will be the 50th, we're at the 'crossroads' either revival or the Assyrians will scramble the US computors? just like they attacked Israel in 586 BC?—-Israel and America are connected by 7's by two dates and one scripture; the scripture is iffy because its to Solomon 2 Chronicles 7:14–the two dates are sun 12/7/41—to saturday (a shabbat) 5/14/48–Israel will say 5/15 because they close EVERYTHING on SHABBAT

  2. Unknown

    I'm sorry I was a little harsh on explaining everything–for the GRACE OF GOD go I.–i just noticed the 3's in Obama being pres in 2008–49 years after US became 50 states–almost a 'Jubilee' effect (plus he's black and many a black church choir uses Jubilee in their name although he isnt acting like a Christian) and the 3's in Israel & America: 3 7's in dates plus a 'week' 7 years. Many prophecy people use 7 years for many things


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