Human Capital

Asian Americans have the most enduring marriages — and the highest achieving children in the US.   Some would contend — from the data — that one’s relationship with God is even more powerful and fundamental.   But really the question is: “Which comes first: the chicken or the egg?”   In the strongest families both relationships are present and the longer they are present the better the result – in all that the sciences measure.   The closer these relationships are, the stronger they are.  Close relationships, with God, spouse or children, demand care and nurturance. Ask any husband.  Ask any wife.   This is love – not romantic love, but enduring love.   The source of human capital is love: love of God and love of one’s closest neighbors: spouse and children.   The more generations these relationships have been in place the deeper and stronger the human capital.   That is what makes for Harvards, and economies and civilizations.  Love.   Thus, Africa is a growing civilization (religious practice is growing fast) while Europe and the US are diminishing civilizations.   The first is growing love more.  The latter are depleting love continuously.   Fifty to a hundred years from now the great migrations will be into Africa not out of it.]]>

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