Sex Gone Wrong in a Culture Gone Wrong: Fertility and STDs

We have a drop in birth rates (and religious practice) and a rise in STDs.  Let the data do the talking.

But it is very hard to find this data.  Try Googling or try searching from CDC’s main page.

But when you find the page it is a treasure trove (for the few STDs they report on — we have many, many more). For the few (the bigger, well known ones) here are two very good and related sites are:

It is no wonder CDC “buries” these data (even though they are visible if you know where to look).  STDs were one of the original disease targets of public health, but CDC now resides over multiple epidemics but keeps rather silent on them. Until AIDs came along there was a norm of “tracking and then informing” those likely to have contracted the disease from the now-identified partner.  But relative silence on, and abandonment of informing those infected by STDs are the prices we seem willing to pay for our sexual revolution.

The biggest basket case of them all is Washington DC which leads — by far — on HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and Chlamydia.  All this in Congress own front and back yard! Talk about burying your head in the sand!

Contemplate and weep for the child who was meant to be,

Pat Fagan, Ph.D.

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