First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…divorce?

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Growing up, my dad would say that no matter what he would always love my mom. At the altar, many people will say the same thing. Unfortunately, America’s divorce rate is a sign that commitment through thick and thin is increasingly rare.
Most people would agree that in some situations, like infidelity, it is acceptable to seek a divorce. Simply being tired of being with the other person or no longer “feeling” in love, however, are not legitimate reasons. People like to believe that every problem in life has a quick fix. If a pipe is leaking, use duct tape. Or if a vase breaks, grab the super glue. But marriage is neither a pipe nor a vase, as divorce is certainly not duct tape or super glue. Notice that even the easy fix solutions mentioned above were about holding things together, not pulling them apart permanently.
About 40-50% of marriages will end in divorce. This does not reflect a moral understanding of marriage as it was intended to be. In the Bible, the Church is called the bride of Christ. Certainly Christ is hurt by His bride’s failure to keep his commandments, but His love is unwavering. Shouldn’t our marriages imitate that?
Just like any other couple, my parents had their arguments. I can remember the steam coming out of their ears when they were upset at each other, but arguments would always end with the same “I love you.” They are now approaching their 33rd wedding anniversary, and I truly believe that their commitment to each other even in the hard times got them there.
Til’ death do us part isn’t just an idea; it’s a choice. Make your choice before you stand up in front of the church or forever hold your peace.

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