Cheap Sex Isn't Free

Obed Bazikian, Intern

Carolyn Moynihan, of Mercatornet, discusses the sexual revolution and its multiple negative effects upon women. One contemporary writer she highlights is Hanna Rosin, who recently wrote an article for the WSJ, which is based on her upcoming book The End of Men. Rosin explains, “Women no longer need men for financial security and social influence. They can achieve those things by themselves. No one is in a hurry to get married, and sex is, by the terms of sexual economics, very cheap.”

Is sex really “cheap”? Perhaps birth control does not have much monetary cost. Rosin goes on to say, “Thanks to the sexual revolution, they can have relationships—and maybe some drama—through their 20s and early 30s and not get tied down with a husband and babies. If the price is a little more heartache, so be it.” But how do you quantify a “little heartache” and is it really possible to measure the internal and emotional effects that come from broken relationships? Moreover, is that all these young ladies take away from broken relationships? There are numerous social, physical, and emotional consequences of promiscuity. Incurable STD’s is just one of them. The “price” of “cheap” sex is anything but cheap. Often, it has a lifetime price tag.

Moynihan concludes that while there had been problems with “marriage and the status of women in America […], cutting sex adrift from babies and marriage was patently not the solution.” Our culture is constantly pushing women to lower their standards and dreams regarding sex and relationships. Men are encouraged to act irresponsibility and often persuade women to do the same.

There is a reason God designed sex to be within the bounds of marriage. It was not because He did not want us to have fun. On the contrary, He created it to be the healthiest, happiest, and most fulfilling within commitment, and social science research backs this up!

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  1. Unknown

    GUYS TODAY don't have to grow up. They dont even have to act affectionatly towards the girl they go with. Girls hang all over guys. The first time i saw this was in 2007; later i dont see it at all and you know they are going out. guys dont put their arms over the shoulders of girls, young pretty girls, that men long time ago would love to have? I also blame porn&videogames on the male brain..there are female gamers too, but rare. I'm seeing pictures, although innocent of women putting arms around GUYS shoulders. the best thing youngish girls to do is start wearing skirts/dresses as standard, below the knee or longer and leave the pants for another time. Long time ago, even in an agarian age,pre 1980, women word DRESSES unless they were riding or tending to horses


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