162 Reasons to Marry

By Anna Dorminey, Staff

We are excited to present 162 Reasons to Marry, a (by no means comprehensive) list of the benefits and reasons for marriage.
Good marriages are the bedrock of strong societies. All other relationships in society stem from the father-mother relationship, and these other relationships thrive most if that father-mother relationship is an intimate, closed husband-wife relationship. Our nation depends on good marriages to yield strong revenues, good health, low crime, high education, and high human capital
Here are a few selections from “162 Reasons to Marry”:
4. Those from an intact family are more likely to be happily married. 6. Those from intact families are less likely to divorce. 
27. Married men and women report the most sexual pleasure and fulfillment. 
33. Adults who grew up in an intact married family are more likely than adults from non-intact family structures to attend religious services at least monthly. 
37. Children of married parents are more engaged in school than children from all other family structures. 48. Adolescents from intact married families are less like to be suspended, expelled, or delinquent, or to experience school problems than children from other family structures. 
69. The married family is less likely to be poor than any other family structure. 
79. Married men are less likely to commit crimes. 
93. Married women are less likely to be abused by their husband than cohabiting women are to be abused by their partner. 99. Children in intact married families suffer less child abuse than children from any other family structure.
104. Married people are more likely to report better health, a difference that holds for the poor and for minorities. 119. Married men and women have higher survival rates after being diagnosed with cancer.  
126. Married people have lower mortality rates, including lower risk of death from accidents, disease, and self-inflicted injuries.
132. Married women have significantly fewer abortions than unmarried women. 
149. Married people are least likely to commit suicide.
We’ve found 162 reasons to marry — what can you add to the list?

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