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Marriage, Contraception & the Future of Western Peoples

By Henry Potrykus and Patrick Fagan November 30, 2011

  •  The peoples of the West are self-depleting because of the adoption of extra-marital sexual norms coupled with a rejection of fertility: Negative trends in the openness to marriage and the openness to children drive an exponential decrease in the generations to come in Europe.
  •  A projected further decline in family size is a direct translation of declining trends of fertility and declining desires and expectations for having children, both individually among the present fertile generation and intergenerationally.
  •  The contraceptive mindset (x-axis, fewer children) is of one cloth with the West shifting its economic orientation from family enterprise to individualist labor activity while simultaneously moving from religious to secular social values.
  •  Remediation lies in a re-adoption of stable marriage as a societal norm and the rejection by governments and peoples of this non-sustainable model of society–areligious, sexually polymorphous, serial polygamy–and its replacement by a less secular, more traditional, family-oriented life.