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How Society Works: The Relational Nature of Man (November 2017) Chastity and Monogamy: Correlates and Impacts Marriage: the Template of Society, SCSS The War on Fathers Philadelphia Society: The Welfare State Salt Lake City How Society Works, July 2014 Catholic Social Worker’s Nat’l Assoc, June 2014 Black Pastors Washington DC June 2014 Catholic Distance University Feb. 2014 Abortion Myths and Facts, Washington, D.C., January 15, 2014 Catholic Charities Arlington, Nov 2013 Cardinal Newman Pornography Effects–July 2013 Going on Offense with the Data World Congress of Families, Sydney, Australia, May 2013 “Social Costs of Pornography” University of Wisconsin (April 2013) 2013 Georgetown, April 4, 2013 Hispanic Pastors, February 27, 2013 Catholic University of America, November 20, 2012 Love and Fidelity Network, Princeton, November 2, 2012 Black Family Nashville Presentation, October 11, 2012 Social Capital, the Family, and the Economy [Madrid, World Congress of Families 2012] American Association of Christian Counselors, Orlando, Florida, April 13, 2012 Belfast Presentation: Effects of Contraception The Effects of Religious Practice Belonging & Rejection Effects of Divorce How Society Works Child’s Right to Marriage of Parents Runaway & Throwaway Youth Sexual Activity & Abortion Chastity and How Society Works (Presentation for Georgetown University, November 2010) Arlington Chastity Presentation, March 16, 2011 Frederick Douglass Presentation, March 18, 2011 “Strong Families, Strong Economy” Presentation for CEIFM International Congress Pornography Conference, April 2011 Watchmen on the Wall 2011 Heritage Presentation, October 25, 2011  ]]>