Church Bulletins

Church Bulletins

MARRI has produced 52 Church Bulletin Inserts (one for each week of the year) to help rejuvenate marriage, family, and religion at the local church level. These one-page weekly reflections include a Scriptural passage, social science data, and visual graphs on family topics relevant to us all.


Family Structure and Children

Fatherhood and Marriage

How Church and Marriage Help Children’s Behavior

Influences of Family Relationships

Intact Marriage and Children’s Well-Being

Is Cohabitation “Just as Good” as Marriage?

Marital Commitment and Psychological Health

Marriage and Fidelity

Marriage and Good Family Relationships

Marriage and Women’s Health

Marriage and Women’s Well-Being

Marriage Benefits Health

Marriage Fosters Good Habits

Marriage Increases Health

Marriage Promotes the Common Good of Society

Marriage vs. Cohabitation

Marriage vs. Divorce

Strength from Marriage

The Role of Father in the Family

Women and Marriage

Family Structure and Adolescent Cigarette/Alcohol Use

Religious Practice

Family Benefits of Church Attendance

How Church and Marriage Help Children’s Behavior

Interpersonal Benefits of Religion for the Family

Parents’ Influence on Children’s Piety

Religion and Adoption

Religion and Chastity

Religion and Educational Achievement

Religion and Family Relationships

Religion and Marital Harmony

Religion and Marital Satisfaction

Religion is Beneficial for Family Relationships

Religion’s Effect on Husbands

Religious Involvement and Health

Religious Practice and Adolescent Chastity

Religious Practice and Crime Rates

Religious Practice and Charitable Volunteering

Religious Practice and Cohabitation

Sexual Activity and Religious Practice

Effect of Parents on Their Child’s Piety

The Social and Personal Benefits of the Worship of God

Economics/ Income

Family Financial Benefits of Marriage

Divorce and Poverty

Marriage and Family as Investment for Society

Marriage and Poverty


Intact Marriage and Education

Intact Family and School Success

Parental Education Influences Children

Crime and Abuse

Family Structure and Sexual Abuse

Marriage and Domestic Violence


Effects of Pornography on Marriage

Pornography and its Effects


Intact Family Structure and Daughter’s Chastity

Influence of Parents on Their Child’s Sexuality



Complete references are available here